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Fall is Wonderful

If Fall lasted longer I might get tired of this view. But since the leaves change color so quick and drop so fast I savor every minute.

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Product Review: MAXXEON WorkStar 220 Pocket Floodlight

When I received the [amazon-product text=”MAXXEON WorkStar 220 Pocket Floodlight” type=”text”]B005MLZ9SA[/amazon-product] (Amazon Affiliate Link) it was immediately commandeered by my children. They were enthralled by the brightness, the easy to click on/off button, and how easy it was to hold and shine in any direction they wanted (including my face). The 220 Pocket Floodlight is a […]

Safety Tips

Vehicles are Paramedic Seeking Missiles – Watch OUT!

This article from recaps a session at EMS Today about Roadside Safety for emergency responders. My top roadside safety tip is to consider every moving vehicle to be a paramedic seeking missile. With that mindset you will: 1. Minimize time spent exposed on a roadway. 2. Always be defensive in parking locations and travel […]