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Product Review: MAXXEON WorkStar 220 Pocket Floodlight

220 Pocket Floodlight

When I received the MAXXEON WorkStar 220 Pocket Floodlight (Amazon Affiliate Link) it was immediately commandeered by my children. They were enthralled by the brightness, the easy to click on/off button, and how easy it was to hold and shine in any direction they wanted (including my face).

The 220 Pocket Floodlight is a pen light that is actually about the same length and circumference as a pen. Many pen lights are too thick or stubby. This light is the perfect size for a pen light. The casing is metal and has a raised surface which makes it easy to hold. It also has an easy to click on/off button, again like an actual pen, for turning the light on and off. It also features a metal clip so you can hold it in your pocket.


  • Bright, very very bright – I had this pen shone in my eyes more times than I can remember by my kids
  • Easy to use and store in a shirt or BDU pocket, backpack, or car visor
  • Lightweight yet it still feels durable and up to the challenge of every day use


  • The trade-off to high power brightness is low battery life. The manufacturer specs are for four hours of run-time.
  • No obvious hands-free operation. I am must successful with lights that I can clip to my hat or wear on a head band or even clip to a fixed object to free up my hands.

The 220 Pocket Floodlight runs on 3 AAAA (yes, I meant AAAA) batteries. Which are not easy to find at my local stores. I checked the battery end cap displays at Staples, WalMart, and several grocery stores and didn’t find AAAA batteries. I eventually found AAAA batteries (affiliate link) on Amazon.com and realized it is a size more commonly used in digital cameras so I might look for my next set in the camera area.

About the size of a pen

The 220 Pocket Floodlight is only available in black. I need to add some reflective tape or a sticker to it to make it easy to find should I drop it or set it down and not be able to see it in the dark.

I am not sure how to photo brightness, but this light is bright!

Learn more and order your own MAXXEON WorkStart 220 Pocket Floodlight at their website. I know I will find lots of uses for mine.