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Asking for a Reference Letter

As an employer and educator I receive requests from time-to-time asking me to write a reference letter. If I know you well enough and can speak positively and confidently on your behalf I am usually glad to write these letters. It is my intent to help seal the deal if you are well qualified and […]

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Resume Tips for EMS Professionals

In addition to a strong and highly professional online presence having and maintaining a resume is essential for EMS professionals. These are my Everyday EMS Tips for your resume: Layout: Consider two or more pages, especially if you are applying for a supervisory or educator position. Cramming years of experience and certifications into a single […]

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Job Interview Preparation Tips for EMS Professionals

At the interview stage of the selection and hiring process you already have demonstrated you have the basic qualifications for the job. A primary purpose of the interview is to confirm that your personality and professionalism matches with the employer need and workplace culture. Job recruiters will listen to your answers, but they also pay […]