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Do We Really Need More POVs with Emergency Lights?

A recent article briefly described a new Michigan law that expands the type of responders that can use emergency lights on personal operated vehicles. If you are responding to the station or the incident in your personally owned vehicle carefully consider the necessity of emergency lights, even if you are allowed, and check out […]


Don’t Read this While Driving

Last week a New York Times article explored the distractions to emergency vehicle drivers from radios, mobile data terminals, and cellphones. The article is part of the Driven to Distraction series from reporter, Matt Richtel. I am passionate about safe vehicle operation for all EMS professionals. I used to train fifteen passenger van operators in […]

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Video: Are you as good as you think?

In my experience just about everyone thinks they are an expert at driving and dog training. I am adding CPR to the list that many of us consider to be experts despite all available evidence to the contrary. Watch me (Greg Friese) discuss in this Everyday EMS Tips video: ParamedicTV is powered by Articles […]