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Katrina: 10 years feels like the blink of an eye

Editor’s note I wrote today for EMS1. Hurricane Katrina made landfall ten years ago. This anniversary is an occasion to read remembrances, watch videos and look at photos from the days during and after the storm. As I watched the events unfold from 1,000 miles away, I was keenly aware that many of my EMS […]


Posts Outside the Service Area: June 2014

Some of my favorite posts from around the blogosphere from June, 2014. Assessing and treating patients┬áthat have had a stroke and are now experiencing a new medical emergency can create a challenging assessment for paramedics. The NeuroEMS blog has a great post on Stroke and the Survivor. Pit Crew CPR – all the details of […]

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Video: Grant LifeLink EMS Conference Dr. Paul Pepe

Dr. Paul Pepe is a popular conference speaker. This video is from his keynote presentation at the 2012 Grant LifeLink EMS Conference. A few things have made this possible: 1. YouTube allows much longer videos – this video is nearly an hour long 2. It is easier than ever to capture videos and post them […]