Posts Outside the Service Area: June 2014

Some of my favorite posts from around the blogosphere from June, 2014. Assessing and treating patients┬áthat have had a stroke and are now experiencing a new medical emergency can create a challenging assessment for paramedics. The NeuroEMS blog has a great post on Stroke and the Survivor. Pit Crew CPR – all the details of […]

EMS Tips

CIRC Trial: My Lessons Learned

A recent article, Man vs. Machine: who won the CIRC trial reminded me of my participation in the trial (not as a patient!) as a paramedic at one of the clinical sites. 1. Research trial gives a group focus. I really enjoyed being part of the research trial. We received quarterly education programs and […]

EMS Tips Operations

Team Approach to Cardiac Arrest Patients

Everyday EMS Tips readers know that cardiac arrest patients require an “all-hands on deck” approach to provide compressions, shock when advised and perform other interventions like airway management, ventilations, and drug administration. In a post about Cardiocerebral Resuscitation (CCR) Paramedic blogger CKEMTP wrote about using the Incident Command System (ICS) approach to manage cardiac arrest […]