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Bring Your Own: Eating Healthy on the Road Part 1

It’s no secret that EMTs and Paramedics have quite a challenge finding healthy and tasty food choices while on the road. Fortunately, there are a few strategies you can easily employ to stop trading nutritional value for convenience, and make eating healthy on the road simple and fun. Know Your Schedule By schedule, I don’t […]

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Reader Tip: Call Ahead and Leave a Big Tip

Everyone in EMS knows has felt the frustration of ordering take-out, paying, and getting a call before it is ready. Maybe you can return later, maybe you can’t and your money’s gone. My way of managing this is to put the phone numbers of restaurants in my cell phone and call ahead. When I get […]

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Celebrate: World Vegetarian Day

Have I mentioned how fond I am of special days? Well today sneaked up on me like a white tail deer walking under my tree stand. Today – October 1 – is world vegetarian day. Like many college students I went through a vegetarian phase, but I could never quite give up pizza sausage and […]

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Breakfast: a pre-alarm essential

Start everyday with a healthy breakfast to be energized and ready for the tasks ahead. Many EMS providers have early shift start times and long commutes, which make it even more important to eat something that is healthy and portable. Instead of drive thru fast food try eating fruit during your commute. Arrive a few […]