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Celebrate: World Vegetarian Day


Have I mentioned how fond I am of special days? Well today sneaked up on me like a white tail deer walking under my tree stand. Today – October 1 – is world vegetarian day. Like many college students I went through a vegetarian phase, but I could never quite give up pizza sausage and pepperoni. Then will working as a camp counselor I was often tempted by bacon in the dinning hall. From a couple pieces of bacon it is a rapid fall back to regular meat consumption.

Nonetheless, I do limit my meat consumption for a variety of health and environmental reasons. Here are a few Everyday EMS Tips for World Vegetarian Day.


1. Have a big salad tonight for dinner – hold the meat. I bet you will fall asleep faster and feel better in the morning than a regular meat meal.

2. Eat smaller meat portions. I have written previously about my small plate technique. Use a salad plate and you will eat less.

3. Eat local meat. A few weeks ago I bought a pound of organic bacon from free range pigs. WOW! It was terrific.

4. When serving a vegetarian at a family or holiday meal don’t pester the veggie with questions like, “Do you eat chicken? Chickens are vegetarians.” or “How about some fish? A little fish won’t hurt you.” or “Are you sure you don’t want to try this bacon? It is really good.”
How are you going to celebrate World Vegetarian Day?