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Posts Outside the Service Area: the End of Summer

Great Stuff Cooking in EMS In the last two years the attention to safety from field providers to policy makers has increased exponentially. The Podmedic, Jamie Davis, and Carissa O’brien provided excellent video blogging coverage of the EMS Culture of Safety Conference. The Unwired Medic explains why ePocrates is the best app he has ever […]

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10 Tips For Responding to a Person with Autism

Wendy Goldband, author, and Bill Davis, a father of an autistic child co-authored the book Dangerous Encounters: avoiding perilous situations with autism (Amazon link) contributed this post to Everyday EMS Tips. This post is an excerpt from the book. Wendy Goldbland and Bill Davis write: About one in every 150 children in the U.S. is […]

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Autism EMS Websites and Resources

I recently read that 1 in 150 children have some form of an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Information and training on Autism specific to EMS providers is limited. Check out these three websites to learn more about Autism and assessment of autistic patients.