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Sunday morning reader – coffee, ketamine, and EMS news


Working on a cup of Trauma Mama from the Java Medic and catching up with my favorite EMS blogs and news sites. Here are the articles I have worked through:

Ebook Announcement: You Make the Call

The Happy Medic has collected his You Make the Call blog posts into an eBook.

Ketamine For Anger Management

Most intriguing is this reader comment “talk to your damn patients calm them down and you can avoid this knee jerk, sedate first ask questions later whilst risking side effects, response ,that seems to be coming the norm” which seems disconnected to the actual syndrome of ExDS and the danger to medics, cops, and the patient when a patient’s behavior is out of control.

Take some quizzes

Quiz: Respiratory compromise from opioid overdose

Narcotics overdose: Test your knowledge

The Second Great EMS What-if-we’re-Wrong-a-Thon

Is a series of posts from EMS bloggers who explore the merits of the other side to positions they hold strongly. Which includes posts about video laryngoscopy, community paramedicine, and flumazenil.