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Best AHA Courses Yet – Isn’t it ironic


The 2010 AHA guidelines, as I recall, were released in late 2010. Meaning I would have first recertified to the updated guidelines in 2012. And then again in 2014.

With my NREMT re-registration nearing (March 31) and Wisconsin EMT-P due at the end of the June I needed to recertify BLS healthcare provider and ACLS. I also recertified PALS for the eight hours of pediatric education.

The AHA 2015 guidelines were released in October 2015, but the new education courses have not been released. Thus I have completed HCP, ACLS, and PALS – all based on the 2010 guidelines.

Oddly, paradoxically, coincidentally, or ironically this set of courses has been the best taught and most engaging of the three times I have had to complete them.

Two years from now the kinks should be worked out in the updated courses.

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