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Posts Outside the Service Area: Some of my favorites from August 2014

Blog posts, articles, news reports, and audio podcasts…some of my favorite reads from August 2014.

Blog news from MedicSBK…new website layout. Check it out.

Steve Whitehead lays out the reasons you should quit your crappy EMS job.

This article, I found a gun on my patient. Now what?, struck me as a common sense and repeatable approach for when a patient has a gun or a weapon.

Making ambulances safer for patients and EMTs appeared in the Washington Post. Change continues to come to how patients, EMTs, and equipment are secured in the ambulance patient care compartment.

A NPR Marketplace audio report discusses How to make ambulances safer.

Very early in EMS career I realized I was not cut out for night work and avoided night shifts and 24 hour shifts whenever possible. I know for many of us though that nigh shifts area reality and you many find these Top 10 Tips on Surviving a Night Shift useful (make sure to read the great tips in the comments).

Scott Phelps lays out some important points in an Emergency Medicine News Article, Viewpoint: Do Emergency Physicians Understand Paramedics?

Fit for Duty Consulting has started a new series on heart disease and firefighters. Learn more about risk factors and how to manage them.

Finally, Michael Morse reminds us that success is relatively simple if you follow the Other 10 Commandments.


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