Posts Outside the Service Area: Best of EMS World Expo 2012 #EMSWorldExpo

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The Rogue Medic was reported to be at EMS World Expo. His many blog posts about the sessions he attended should suffice as proof that he was there. If you had a Rogue Medic sighting please provide forensic evidence that he exists as more than simply a smiley face. Rogue’s posts:

Misrepresenting Current Topics in EMS Research from EMS Expo – RAMPART

Stop the Madness! Reducing Unnecessary Spinal Immobilizations in the Field – Part I

Brian Lilly, the EduMedic, may be over estimating my influence, but I am flattered to be included in his post about meeting EMS celebrities.

Mike Ward, the Fossil Medic, shares lessons learned about the evolution of EMS education after attending sessions by Dan Limmer and Art Hsieh.

Articles editors filed lots of articles from EMS World such as, Show a Little Restraint – a recap of Kelly Grayson’s presentation. Somehow I never found Kelly and had a chance to chat with him face to face. Read more coverage of EMS World Expo.

The day of my presentation on integrating smartphones into EMS education the New York Times ran this article – Technology Changing How Students Learn.


Stay tuned to the ProMed network for podcasts from EMS World Expo. Jamie Davis, Chris Montera and the rest of the gang recorded more than 10 hours of podcasts that will be posted in the days and weeks to come.


Several products at EMS World Expo caught my eye. Make sure you check out these:

ACR (Ambulance Child Restraint) from ParAid Medical

the ACR … without a child 🙂

Janet Smith told me about a new program, No Panic Please, that is an education toll to help kids understand EMS and what happens when 9-1-1 is called. Kids learn to “Act, But Calmly!”

A glossy ad was in my conference packet for one of my favorite 9/11 books, the [amazon-product text=”Downwind Walk (amazon affiliate link)” type=”text”]B005ZS5W78[/amazon-product] by Steven Kanarian.

The Weil Mini Chest Compressor is a forthcoming mechanical CPR device. Although I didn’t have a chance to find their booth in the vast exhibit hall I did have an impromptu dinner with the VP of marketing and a SAR paramedic from Canada.

Blogger Bash

Finally, on behalf of the many EMS Bloggers in attendance I want to thank ZOLL for hosting the 5th EMS Blogger bash. I had a great time and appreciate their efforts to connect with the EMS and Fire audience through social media. Follow @ZOLLEMSFire and


With Charlotte Norton from ZOLL

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