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Make a Winning First Impression

You Can Only Make One First Impression. It is vital to have a successful relationship with your EMS instructors. In your emergency medical career, you need to be able to work with many different personalities and types of people. This relationship building begins with your EMS instructor. Make a winning first impression with 4 Everyday EMS Tips:

1. Be professional. Come to class clean and wear suitable clothing.

2. Speak the part. Use language appropriate to your environment. Address your instructor using a title until told to call the person by first name. Avoid swearing, crude or tasteless language when speaking.

3. Volunteer. If your instructor asks for someone to pass out papers or run an errand or demonstrate a skill be willing.

4. Participate. Answer and ask questions. Be an active member of small group discussions and participate in large group activities.

Show your instructor that you are a leader in your community by being willing and eager to learn. Your first impression is a tough one to change, but if it is positive, the impression can only improve.

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