Green Work Practices for EMS


Being “Green” is the hip thing to do, but it can also save your organization a lot of money. Is your organization doing these simple things to become more green and save green?

  1. Make recycling containers for paper, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans easily available in your stations and office areas. Regularly emptying these containers will help encourage their use.
  2. Replace light bulbs where you can with compact fluorescent bulbs.
  3. Use auto-on and auto-off motion sensing lights switches in garages and day rooms to reduce electricity use.
  4. Wash ambulances and other vehicles with cold water. Only wash vehicles when needed.
  5. Turn off the TV and room lights when you leave for a call.
  6. Adjust the heat in the apparatus bay to the minimum temperature needed for temperature sensitive items like medications.
  7. Develop and follow an organization policy for reducing engine idling at stations, posting locations, incidents, and receiving facilities.