App Review: Stat Meds


STAT Meds is an adult medication “calculator” for the iPhone that is similar to an adult emergency reference card, but customizable! It features a colorful and easy to read home page. I found using the home page to be self-explanatory. Upon entering the weight and age of your patient, a customized table is presented with a variety of emergency medications/tools.

Also available is helpful information on the “rule of six’s” and fixed concentrations. The STAT Meds iPhone app offers a few different ways to find and/or calculate the medication of choice from a drop down menu on page two.

I liked being able to enter the patient’s weight and age to calculate dosage information. I was also impressed with the ability to tailor-make a table of many emergency medications or get that information on just one medication. There are also frequent reminders that each drug calculation should be verified.

STAT Meds is an iPhone app from the Deep Pocket Series. Other apps from Deep Pocket Series include – Remind Me Later, Pedi Meds, and IV Meds. See all the apps and link to the iTunes App store from the Deep Pocket Series Mobile Device Apps page.

After using Stat Meds I have several ideas for improvement. In contrast to the home page, the calculated documents were a little difficult for me to read. I wasn’t able to zoom in or out, nor was I able to change to a landscape view. I would prefer a font other than Times New Roman as I find that more difficult to read than a San Serif font like Arial.

Do you use STAT Meds? Share your comments about how you use it and what you like about it in the comments area.

App Reviewer: Deborah McCoy-Freeman is an RN/Paramedic and an EMS educator for 20 years. She can be reached on Twitter @DebMcFr or by email

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