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App Review: Cricothyroidotomy from MEDRILLS

The Cricothyroidotomy app from MEDRILLS, available from the Apple AppStore and Google Play, is an interactive training program for learning and practicing a cricothyroidotomy.

Instruction, Testing, and Training Modes

In the instruction mode a narrator reviews the process, from start to finish, including indications, equipment, landmark location, incisions, airway placement, and complications. Throughout the instruction mode animations illustrate key points.

Instruction Mode

In the training mode I was able to put the procedure steps into the proper order using the touch screen, answer different question types about the process, and use finger gestures to locate landmarks, select equipment, and place incisions.

Training Mode

The testing mode, available as an additional app purchase, will allow me to earn CECBEMS approved CE credit for this training experience. I want to soak in the knowledge and do a little more review before I purchase the test.

Things I liked about the Cricothyroidotomy app:

  • Thorough review of the procedure and need to know information
  • Great graphics and animations that really jumped off the screen (I am using a 1st generation iPad)
  • Principles based so the training is applicable to different types of airways
  • Interactive opportunities throughout
  • Different types of questions in the training mode

Opportunities to make this app really awesome:

  • Real time speed video of the procedure
  • Videos of the actual procedure being performed on different patient types – no neck, skinny neck, etc.
  • During the training mode I would have liked to know the question of how many total questions I was on
  • Some question types need some revision. “Not” is best left out of question stems

Overall, my impression of the app is very positive. I am a big fan of CE training that harnesses the power of the microprocessor to create opportunities for interaction and include different types of media.

I was given a copy of the app for this review by MEDRILLS and completed the Instruction and Training Modes. View the Everyday EMS Tips product review guidelines.

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