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Alternatives If You Read EMS Tips with Google Reader

Users of the Google Reader, an RSS feed reader from Google, probably know by know that Google Reader will expire in July. I have been using Google Reader for several years to stay up to date on my favorite EMS, Fire, Technology, Politics, and Running blogs. Since the announcement of Google Reader’s demise I have been searching for a replacement for myself and Everyday EMS Tips readers.

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Watch for the latest posts through notifications to and @EvereydayEMSTips.

Kindle Reader Subscription

Everyday EMS Tips and many other EMS blogs are available as a Kindle Reader [amazon-product text=”subscription(Amazon affiliate link)” type=”text”]B0029U18SM[/amazon-product]. This blog is a great Kindle value because of the frequency of posts.

I have been trialing the desktop and Android version of with mixed success and enthusiasm. The interface is more visual and I have found tools to organize feeds helpful (and wishing I had better organized feeds in Google Reader). Unfortunately how to move between feeds or mark posts as read is not nearly as intuitive as I would hope. Have you used Feedly? Any tips on how to become a power user?

Feed aggregators like Alltop collect feeds by category. The 5 most recent post titles are displayed in a 3 column display. Hover over the post to see the first few sentences. Click on the post title to view the post in a new browser window or tab.

Another feed aggregator is the Fire and EMS hub from

Google Reader Alternatives

The  Teacher Cast blog lists 3 replacements for Google Reader.


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