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Since its inception these are the top 3 products readers have purchased after click on an Everyday EMS Tips link (FYI these are Amazon affiliate links).

  • [amazon-product text=”25 Things They Should have Taught you in Medic School … But Didnt” type=”text”]B00B7UULUQ[/amazon-product]
  • [amazon-product text=”Resuscitate: How Your Community Can Improve Survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest” type=”text”]0295992468[/amazon-product]
  • [amazon-product text=”All-Weather EMS Pocket Notebook” type=”text”]B000REOW4O[/amazon-product]

Stuff you Have also Bought

E-book sales and pocket notebooks are the really slow path to get rich slowly. Thus I always do a happy dance when a reader buys something like a [amazon-product text=”Lenovo Think Pad” type=”text”]B005F0I8GI[/amazon-product] or [amazon-product text=”Canon EOS Rebel” type=”text”]B004J3V90Y[/amazon-product]. (those were also Amazon affiliate links).

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