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4 Quick Announcements to Start the Week


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4 Quick Announcements

1. This week I am at the National Association of EMS Educators Symposium. On Thursday I am co-presenting with Kyle Bates. Our session is about effective PowerPoint design. Connect with Kyle at KyleDavidBates.com. Listen to a special NAEMSE pre-show podcast from the EMSEduCast podcast.

2. EverydayEMSTips.com is now using a Mobile plug-in so when viewed from a mobile device like an Android, iPhone, or Blackberry you will just see the site content – post title and post content with links to related posts. I would welcome your suggestions for improvements to how the mobile version is delivered.

3. MedicalAuthorChat.com is up and running. The Medical Author Chat podcast, a feature of EverydayEMSTips.com, is now a member of the EMSBlogs.com network. Make sure you check out and subscribe to all of the great blogs at the EMSBlogs.com network like the EMS Office Hours, Social Medic, and Rogue Medic.

4. The next session of the EMS Bootcamp is scheduled for September 27. Learn how to enroll for a fantastic continuing education program on cardiac patient assessment.