3 Non-Fiction Books Read

  1. The Finish: the Killing of Osama bin Laden (Amazon link)
  2. Visiting Tom: a man, a highway, and the road to a roughneck (Amazon link)
  3. Unbroken: a World War II story of survival, resilience, and redemption (Amazon link)

Looking for EMS non-fiction and fiction? Check the Everyday EMS Tips bookstore.

3 Fiction Books Read

  1.  The Golden Compass: his dark materials (Amazon link)
  2. Supreme Justice (Amazon link)
  3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows (Amazon link)

Two of three reads were part of my quest to stay abreast of the reading my son is doing.

3 Questions – How, Where, and When

  1. How: Kindle Fire, Kindle iPad app, Kindle Android app
  2. Where: Delta planes, Norwiegan Pearl Cruise Ship, and many types of cars
  3. When: Morning, noon, and night. Sitting, laying, and walking.

What was your favorite book(s) from the summer? 



Hard to believe it has been almost two years since I last wrote about concealed carry for EMS. But it has.

Scott Kier, Sean Eddy, and Chris Montera rekindle the conversation in Episode 14 of the EMS in the New Decade podcast.

Two years ago I was skeptical about EMS and concealed carry and I remain skeptical.

The Delusion of Policies that Prohibit Concealed Carry.

I have a general disdain for policies that are a) difficult to enforce and b) if the policy is violated the likelihood of actual consequence is low. If an ambulance service has a policy, “Paramedics are prohibited from carrying a weapon while on duty,” how do you enforce that policy? Would many organizations search paramedics and their belongings at the start of each shift?

If a gun is discovered the simple and the quick reply is, “Whoops I forgot. You know I carry this thing everywhere. I just forgot about it.” Airline personnel and frequent travelers turn over guns to TSA agents with a fairly regular frequency.

Chris, would you fire a good paramedic from your department for a “Whoops, I forgot.” Not likely.

What if the employee that “forgot” has an opportunity to use their weapon to save their partner in a life and death situation. Pretty tough to send a hero to unemployment land.

I am confident that many concealed carry permit holders carry in many prohibited spaces as long as the risk of getting caught is low and the consequences of getting caught are just as low.

Just Let Them Carry.

Not so fast.

No policy is not the only alternative to a bad policy. Perhaps a better alternative is additional training and operational changes. My sense listening to Sean, arguing the con position, was the only thing between him and most unexpected situations is a gun. Have gun. Will solve problems. Sean’s employer needs to provide him more options than carry a gun. Use in case of emergency.

We have Rights to do Stuff. Often Trumped by Responsibilities. 

Sometimes we need to choose between rights we have and responsibilities we have. Of age paramedics can consume alcohol. That is a right. They need to come to work sober and fit for duty. That is a responsibility.

Paramedics with CCP have a right to carry a weapon when and where they please, unless it is prohibited. Following an employer’s policies is a responsibility. Disregarding your responsibilities puts your rights at risk.

Let the Storm Rage On.

Two years later I am surprised this discussion is still going on with as much vigor expressed by Sean and Chris.

On a haphazard basis I continue to keep an eye out for news accounts of crimes in progress (not home invasions) that were stopped by citizens with a concealed carry permit. And for paramedics that draw on a patient, bystander, or partner to resolve a violent confrontation. If you see those news accounts send them my way.





Product Review: COAST HP7R Focusing Rechargeable LED Flashlight

August 11, 2014

The COAST HP7R Focusing Rechargeable LED Flashlight is a serious flashlight for serious situations that demand high performance, reliability, and durability. Note: I was sent a the HP7R in the late Spring of 2014 for a product review. Learn more about the flashlight from the COAST website or purchase from Amazon. Dual Power and Flexible Charging The […]

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Infectious Disease Prevention: 3 Tips

August 7, 2014

We should all be concerned about the transmission of infectious disease. The transfer of two US citizens infected with Ebola to Emory University has been a hot button news item for the past week. (2 excellent articles on Ebola and care of infected patients) The common cold, seasonal influenza, MRSA, hepatitis, and more are a part […]

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Alternate Posting Location: Best Practices for Live Online EMS Training

August 6, 2014

In episode 395 of the MedicCast Rom Duckworth and I discuss best practices for live online EMS training. Watch and listen using this video or visit the MedicCast where you can also subscribe to all episodes of the MedicCast. Tweet Share

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Question: When a Patient Becomes Violent

August 5, 2014

On Facebook a friend asked, “Are there any precautions an EMT can take in the event that their patient turns on them?” And shared this link: CNN reporter bit 2 EMTs while in drunken rage No Such Thing as a Violent Patient A patient that turns violent is no longer a patient, even if intoxicated. […]

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Alternate Posting Location: Hands-On EMS Training

August 4, 2014

Recently posted at EMS1.com 4 tips for hands-on EMS training in your station Fire station in Skagway, Alaska Tweet Share

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Back from Alaska Cruise

August 2, 2014

I had the good fortune to spend the last week of July on a cruise to Alaska with my family. Regular blog posting will resume as time and ideas allow. Enjoy. Tweet Share

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I Was Nearby: Alaska Tourist Train Derailment

August 1, 2014

Last month I was riding on White Pass and Yukon train that ascends from Skagway, Alaska to the White Pass summit. The popular tourist train follows the route of the historic Yukon Goldrush. I had previously rode the train in 1989. Near about mile 15 our train stopped for what we were told was a […]

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COAST Rechargable Dual Power Flashlight

July 18, 2014

I just unpacked a brand new COAST Rechargable Dual Power Flashlight. I am really looking forward to using this flashlight and reporting back on its functionality. In the unpacking process I am already impressed with the obvious durability and excellent construction. I was pleasantly surprised it came with AAA  batteries included for immediate use and the […]

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