Last week I presented two sessions at the ISFSI Fall Instructor Conference. Both groups were engaged and added lots of great information to the sessions.

Fortunately I arrived plenty early to set-up and test the projector settings. It took a several attempts to figure out why my slides were not being projected. Then I looked up at the projector (where it should be).

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Distraction is Deadly

The topic of the first presentation was Distraction is Deadly. I have always enjoyed giving this talk. Almost 100% of drivers know it is dangerous to text and drive. Yet nearly 80% of drivers do it anyway. The public education piece has succeeded.

I suggested to my audience of Fire educators that they have a great opportunity to change behavior as they are regularly giving station tours to children who can then motivate behavior change in their parents. I am regularly questioned by my children after any first station visit about the location of fire extinguishers, status of smoke alarm batteries, and to practice the fire escape plan. I can easily imagine a child saying, “Mommy the firefighter told me to tell you that texting and driving puts us all in danger and that we should wait until we reach our destination to text and drive. Please put your phone out of reach and out of sight.”

Of course we all need to make that decision to not text and drive as well.

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Smartphones in Fire and EMS Education

The second presentation was on smartphones in education. The room was packed and the audience was highly engaged. They participated through enrollment in the class that messaged them key points and voting with audience response pads and

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Question: Most common use of smartphone. 

I was really surprised in an audience with nearly 100% Smartphone ownership and likely an average age well over 40 that the top use was texting.

Smartphone Use

Question: It is more important to know how to use an ERG app than ERG book. 

I love this question because of the discussion that ensues by asking people to explain why they agree or disagree.


Question: Does your department have a drone? 

This question was asked with an embedded Turning Technologies quiz question and reply with audience response pads. Two people answer yes, but one of those was a wrong button answer.


I think every fire department needs a drone and will write more on that topic soon.



Today I am presenting two talks to the International Society of Fire Science Instructors Fall Conference attendees at the Ohio Fire Academy. Below are the slides for those presentations.

Learn more about the ISFSI Fall Conference.



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