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Write for EMS Industry Publications

Editors from major EMS publications have asked me to be on the lookout for “new, up and coming EMS authors.” Regular contributions to leading online EMS publications is a great opportunity for you to:

  • refine your communication skills
  • introduce your experience and niche expertise to an international audience
  • help move the EMS profession forward

In my opinion the number one skill for a regular/contributing author is to be a “closer” which means you deliver the expected contribution on time.

Get Started
The first step to getting started is to pick a niche or area where you want to focus your writing.

  • Is it tips for EMT basics?
  • Book, app, or course reviews?
  • Profile innovative programs sin EMS like community paramedicine or other pilot projects?
  • Educator how-to? Anatomy and physiology of body systems?

Pick an area of focus and start writing.

Writing Resources

Maybe one of these posts from the Everyday EMS Tips archives will help you get started:
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Would you like to be an EMS author?

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