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Tips for Attending the EMS Today Conference #EMSToday


Are you going to EMS Today?

There are lots of great speakers and topics offered. Check out my tips on selecting conference sessions.

Unfortunately I am not going to the conference, but if I were these are a few of the people I would I to connect with. Look for these great folks and say hello for me.

Dave Konig, co-founder of PIOSocialMediaTraining.com, will be attending the conference. Look for Dave to talk all things social media. He is an evangalist for how EMS agencies can use social media to accomplish their mission.

Mark Glencourse, Justin Schoor, and Ted Setla from the Chronicles of EMS are hosting a meet-up Friday night and will be at the Zoll booth in the exhibit hall. Meet-up details.

Chris Montera of the EMS Garage podcast and Jamie Davis from the MedicCast podcast will be hosting a series of live podcasts near the JEMS booth in the exhibit hall. Watch a live broadcast or invite yourself onto the stage to talk with them.

John Dillon will be at the C3Softworks booth. He and I have been delivering classroom and online training programs on how to use games to teach. Ask John to schedule a training program for your agency, school or conference.

Many of my favorite bloggers will be at the Chronicles of EMS Meetup and kicking around the exhibit hall. Look for the Rhett from FireCritic.com, Chris from LifeUndertheLights.com, and John from Firedaily.com.

Follow all the action at EMS Today with the Twitter hashtag #EMSToday

Who am I missing? Who are you going to connect with at EMS Today?

Update 1: Jared (who has guest posted on this blog) and Meris, two of the four GenMed Podcast co-hosts will be at EMS Today. They are a couple of rising leaders in EMS. Look for them and tell them to get going on more episodes of their excellent podcast.

// Update 2: Great suggestion from Steve Whitehead via Twitter earlier today (3/5). Meet up with A.J. Heightman of JEMS Magazine, Nancy Perry of EMS Magazine, and Kris Kaull from EMS1.com. If you have aspirations to publish (print/web) in EMS these are three people you need to meet.

Update 3: Carissa Caramanis O’Brien reminded me in the comments to connect with her. She is an integral part of the Chronicles of EMS Team and marketing consultant for the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation.