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Waiting for Polls to Close: Doing Stuff to Pass the Time

While waiting for the polls to close, winners to be declared and to learn the winner of the elections. This post was my running list of things I did to pass the time. I had high hopes of staying up late for all the results and speeches, but eventually had to call it a night. — I […]

EMS Tips

Quick Question: Are you an Organ Donor?

Last month I asked e-newsletter subscribers, “Are you an organ donor?“ How to Become an Organ Donor – find out how! The responses I received were overwhelmingly positive. A few of the responses: “Yes I am and so is my wife.  As an aside my mom donated a kidney to her sister 14 years ago!! […]

Everyday EMS Athlete

Everyday EMS Athlete Profile: Buck Feris

As many of us know, putting your health and fitness first can be a major challenge with the busy schedules we adhere to every day. Between his three jobs as a donor center coordinator, tissue recovery technician and paramedic, Buck Feris recognized this difficulty but decided to take the challenge head on by changing his […]