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New Ebook: Top 5 Emergencies and How to Handle Until Paramedics Arrive

Paramedic and author Laura Kendall is offering a free ebook on her site, Top 5 Medical Emergencies and How to Handle Them. I have already downloaded the ebook and think it is a great resource for family and friends that frequently ask questions like, what are common emergencies? When should we call 911? What should […]

Book Reviews

Book Review: A Simple Case of Suicide

[amazon-product text=”A Simple Case of Suicide” type=”text”]0741448815[/amazon-product] is the first book from veteran paramedic Laura Kendall. I describe the book as a mystery/romantic thriller. The heroine of the story, paramedic Kendall Rose, finds herself caught in a suspenseful criminal plot when she goes too far to investigate a drug overdose that has been ruled a simple […]


A Simple Case of Suicide – a Medical Author Chat with Laura Kendall

Paramedic and author, Laura J. Kendall, discusses her two books, [amazon-product text=”A Simple Case of Suicide” type=”text”]0741448815[/amazon-product] and [amazon-product text=”Double Winkers Club” type=”text”]0741457806[/amazon-product] on this episode of the Medical Author Chat. Laura is an active paramedic in New Jersey. Her EMS career began as a volunteer in 1981. She has since worked in rural and inner […]