From There and Back … an editor’s journey

I was interviewed by Chief Steve Cohen from Carey Area EMS for the Medic2Medic podcast about my career in EMS, passions, and work for Thanks Chief for the opportunity to talk about one of my favorite subjects…Me! EMS! Read more about the interview and listen to the full interview. Podcast: Pathway from rural EMS […]

EMS Tips

Question: Tips for Tutoring Co-Workers

A reader asked for tips for informally tutoring co-workers. He is already an EMT-B and working on his EMT-I. He has co-workers that are in EMT-B class and they frequently asked him questions. He raised several concerns: He used the AAOS book, they are using the Brady book He has concerns about their low motivation […]


Audio: Chat with hosts of Firefighter Net Cast about #Fire and #EMS Education

Last summer (July 2010) I had a chance to sit down with John Mitchell and Rhett Fleitz of the Firefighters Net Cast at Firehouse Expo in Baltimore. We talked about the show, EMS and Fire education, podcasting, and social media. We also discussed some trends for online education for delivering didactic training for new products. […]