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Question: More Resources on Capnography

A reader asked, “I would like to know more about capnography.” Post updated September 20, 2015 0) a resource and information website from Medtronic powered by 1)      Capnography for paramedics blog 2)     [amazon-product text=”Capnography, King of the ABCs” type=”text”]1450246206[/amazon-product]: A Systematic Approach for Paramedics’ by Troy Valente 3)      Capnography Made Easy training course […]


Audio: Chat with hosts of Firefighter Net Cast about #Fire and #EMS Education

Last summer (July 2010) I had a chance to sit down with John Mitchell and Rhett Fleitz of the Firefighters Net Cast at Firehouse Expo in Baltimore. We talked about the show, EMS and Fire education, podcasting, and social media. We also discussed some trends for online education for delivering didactic training for new products. […]

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Where can I practice reading 12 Leads?

A reader asked, “Where can I practice reading 12 lead EKGs?” These are some resources I have used to learn more about and practice 12 lead EKG interpretation: Also check out the 12 lead books in the Everyday EMS Tips bookstore.  1. EKG Club 2. EMS 12 Lead Blog 3. ECG Course Weekly Practice 12 […]