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Product Review: Poly-Lingo Translation Software


Multi-Language Prompter

I had the opportunity to use a trial version of the Poly-Lingo Translation software recently. Poly-Lingo is a “multi-language prompter program designed to remove language barriers and improve patient care.” I used a laptop version that was installed on my local drive from a CD-ROM. Poly-Lingo was developed by Firefighter/Paramedic Ken Kelly.


Poly-Lingo is programmed for touch screen navigation. I was using a non-touch screen laptop, but I was still able to quickly navigate to the questions I wanted to ask. Poly-Lingo is pre-loaded with about 400 questions in eighteen different patient assessment and treatment categories. When you select a question a short audio file of the question is asked. Since most of the questions are Yes/No questions you don’t need to understand the patient’s language you just need to be able to interpret universal expressions for Yes and No.


Check out these Screenshots from Poly-Lingo.com to see the friendly user interface.

iPhone App

According to Poly-Lingo.com an iPhone app is being developed. An app will allow individual providers to access and use Poly-Lingo without the delays and difficulties of making a system wide software purchase and installation of Poly-Lingo to tablet PCs or mobile data terminals inside the ambulance. A smartphone app will also allow users to easily take the software with them to the patient.

For more information on purchasing visit Poly-Lingo.com.

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