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Peter Canning has been writing a series of posts, Street Lessons. All of them are excellent, but #5 The Hand Drop Test is my favorite. The hand drop test is one of those terrible pseudo assessments that burnt-out medics pass onto students and new employees. Other than mocking or discrediting the patient it serves little purpose and distracts from actually assessing and treating the patient. Read what Peter says about the Hand Drop.

Rhett Flietz, the Fire Critic, has an excellent post about Improving Fire Department Morale at the Company Level. He offers a persuasive argument and even better list of action items for any department member to initiate immediately to improve morale. A memo from the chief can’t and won’t improve morale. What really works is each individual deciding the type of workplace they want to be a part of and then rolling up their sleeves and making it happen one shift and one action at a time. With Rhett’s advice your have the knowledge to be the person that makes things better. Go!

Paramedics can make a significant difference in patient comfort with pain control. During episode 173 of the EMSEduCast on Pain Management our guest, Peter Canning, suggested this must listen podcast on Patient Controlled Analgesia. This is an amazing protocol/system for pain management that is based on the simple question, “Would you like more pain medicine?”

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