Posts Outside the Service Area: 2012 Resolutions


Are you ready for 2012? In this month’s edition of posts outside the service area I share some of my favorite posts from the month and resolutions associated with the post. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

EMS Blog Resolution: Jim Hoffman, the EMS Professional, loves EMS bloggers. He shares some of his favorite EMS blogs and also lets you in on a 12 lead ECG secret. Jim regularly shares tips, resources, links, and products that help him as a paramedic and I am sure you will find helpful as well.

2012 Resolution: Share your favorite tips, resources, products, study aids, and more with other EMS students and professionals. You can share on your blog (or as a guest blogger), share with your social networks, share with your colleagues in a simple poster in the break room, or share in a conference presentation.

Celebrate and Encourage Resolution: One of the risks of being a content creator is feedback from readers/viewers. In the age of the internet I am perplexed why readers/viewers would bother reading all the way to the end of an article to write a comment that they didn’t like the article. Over at Looking through the Handle of a Pair of Pink Trauma shears the blogger/paramedic shares a quick story about a bad review comment she received on an EMS World Article.

2012 Resolution: Celebrate and encourage your colleagues that take the risk to share their knowledge, experience, skills, and time in print or video.

Social Media Resolution: I am fond of saying social media is a tool for good and not necessarily a nefarious tool for evil. Dave Konig, the Social Medic, shares how EMS professionals are using social media as a tool for good to help other social media professionals in need. Serving our communities and our colleagues speaks to the greatest potential for social media, to give back.

2012 Resolution: Use social media for a tool for good. Share with your community the events and causes that you support.

EMS Education Resolution: Dan Limmer shares an idea to take new students to an assisted level facility to do a series of vital sign checks and patient histories. Repetition is clearly important to skill proficiency and getting lots of reps in a short time is even better.

2012 Resolution: Create opportunities for your EMT and Paramedic students to assess lots and lots of patients that are as close to “real” patients as possible.