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Pediatric ATV Incidents

More kids die while riding ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) than bicycles. Many more kids are injured riding ATVs. Have you responded to an ATV accident yet? If you haven’t it is probably just a matter of time. Read article about pediatric ATV deaths at

My friend Rocco shared these general tips for pediatric assessment treatment and transport, as well as pediatric injury prevention.

1. MOI is often misleading, use it for guidance, but perform a good assessment.
2. Remove helmets with face protection early in anticipation of airway problems.
3. Remove helmets early in anticipation of difficulty spine stabilizing the already large head of a child.
4. Follow local protocols and regularly receive hands-on training focusing on helmet removal in different situations.
5. Have a DVD player or iPod with cartoons on it to play for kids to distract them from pain or a IV start.
6. Partner with local shops to get the message out about ATV safety, helmet use and preventing kids driving without responsible adult supervision.

Rocco Altobelli is a flight medic and Wilderness Medical Associates lead instructor. He lives and works in northwest Montana.

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