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NOLA Tips from Ms Paramedic #EMSWorldExpo

This is a guest post from paramedic, blogger, and podcaster Ms. Paramedic

I wish I could go to EMS World Expo this year! BUT I can’t! Read on if you’d like some advice for what to do/not to do from a former NOLA resident.

Do: eat at The Blue Tomato in Old Jefferson. Big portions for cheap!

Do: Ride around the Garden District. It’s the prettiest part of New Orleans.

STAY AWAY from Bourbon St on Halloween. They had several shootings last year. Instead: there’s a parade of costumes in The Quarter (on Decatur St).

DO NOT wear open toe shoes on Bourbon St. You’ll step in what we call the bourbon juice- it’s piss and vomit and spilled booze from the night before that hasn’t gone down the drain yet and you’ll never wash that smell away.

Do: Visit City Park and bring a loaf of bread. The ducks and geese there are awesome!

Do: Rent a scooter from Big Easy scooters. It’s way easier getting around that way versus paying for parking with a car and its fun. (Easiest way to do a self tour!)

Do: The aquarium and Instectarium are also awesome. Touristy but awesome.

Do: The Rivershack Tavern is AMAZING! Cheap booze. Totally a dive bar with excellent food.

Do: The Bulldog is also a local favorite bar. SO MANY booze on tap.

Above all– no matter how bad you want to- DO NOT go into the 9th Ward. If they catch you “hurricane damage lookin” they will harass you and possibly more. They don’t like strangers. They’ve attacked tour groups that PAY to go there as well. So yeah. Be cautious.

Any other advice on where to eat/drink, I can help. Tweet me @MsParamedic.