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My Amazon Prime Day Shopping List


With guarded optimism and a predisposition for disappointment here are the items I will be looking for impossibly, amazing pricing on Amazon Prime Day 2016.

  1. Standing desk, preferably electrically adjustable.
  2. Kindle Fire HD to replace my first generation Kindle Fire.
  3. Complete Calvin and Hobbes collection (for my kid!).
  4. Twenty to 50 hockey pucks. We need more for the basement practice area and the pond in the winter.
  5. Some bicycle water bottle holders.
  6. Screen tent for mid- and end-of-summer camping trips.
  7. New Balance running shoes. I wear the same model year after year. Perhaps this is a chance to stock up on two or three pairs.
  8. Nest generation 3.0 thermostat. But the price needs to be $150 or lower.

Finally, if you don’t already have an Amazon Echo put it at the top of your Prime Day shopping list. We love ours and it has been, hands-down, the best Amazon purchase we have ever made.

What’s on your list for Prime Day?

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