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Infectious Disease Prevention: 3 Tips

We should all be concerned about the transmission of infectious disease. The transfer of two US citizens infected with Ebola to Emory University has been a hot button news item for the past week.

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The common cold, seasonal influenza, MRSA, hepatitis, and more are a part of our world. Each year tens of thousands of Americans dies from seasonal influenza. Pneumonia is a common and often tragic complication from many colds and influenza.

If you share my concern about reducing the incidence of infectious disease and preventing infectious disease transmission here are three easy actions.

1. Wash your hands! More often. Now. After using the bathroom. Before and after eating. Before, during, and after food preparation. Before and after patient assessment and procedures. Now. Before and after shaking hands. Now. In the morning, afternoon, and evening.

2. Catch your cough in your elbow. Not in your hand.

3. Get vaccinated. Love your children and get them vaccinated too.

Bonus Tip: Don’t go to work, school, or to work-out when you are sick.

Share your infectious disease prevention tips in the comments. 

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By Greg

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