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From the Road: Urban Shield and EMS Agenda 2050


Earlier this month I travelled to Oakland for Urban Shield 2018. I spent Friday checking out SWAT and tactical products in the exhibit hall. Saturday was a fantastic guided tour of a half-dozen of the high-fidelity exercises.

Read “SWAT training and technology products showcased at Urban Shield 2018” on PoliceOne.com

Last week I was able to watch the live stream of the National Implementation Forum for EMS Agenda 2050. I had planned to attend the event but a home situation causes a last minute cancellation.

Because of the live stream – thanks NHTSA! – I was able to write to articles.

Read “EMS Agenda 2050 Quick Take: Healthy people are better students, workers and citizens and EMS Agenda 2050 Quick Take: Focusing on people – providers, patients, families – is the future of EMS” on EMS1.com.

The YouTube live stream had some fantastic content, great speakers and one good laugh.