EMS Pros are the Best – Uniform Closet for Students in Need


Paramedic educator David Fifer took to Facebook to ask his network of EMS educators, leaders and field professionals for a pair of boots for a paramedic student.

“One of my student’s shoes are falling apart, and he’s too poor to afford new ones. Before I just go buy some, does anybody happen to have an unused pair of black shoes or boots?,” Fifer wrote on Facebook.

Read the rest of the article on EMS1 and four ideas on how to support paramedic students in need. EMS community donates clothing, boots and money to paramedic students in need

Also a group of Ambulance Service Management students are conducting a study on bullying, harassment and critical stress in the EMS industry. Read more on EMS1 and complete the survey. This is work that matters and your participation counts.