EMS Tips

Extra Downtime: Three Things Tuesday

If you are or someone you know is suddenly faced with some extra downtime you might consider:

1. Watch lots of videos and read lots of books with an Amazon Prime subscription. After my annual Pandora subscription, Amazon Prime is easily the 2nd best subscription I purchase each year. Amazon Prime includes instant access to video and TV streaming and Kindle books. Perhaps my favorite feature is the free two-day shipping, especially as we approach the holiday shopping season.

2. Get outside. Or to the gym. Or the library. Go somewhere. Explore. Sit. Be. Write poems. Take some photos. Enjoy having a bit of time to watch the world go by.

3. Earn some CE., powered by CentreLearn, currently has four free courses (geriatric assessment challenges, boosting CPR quality, dispatcher assisted CPR, and seizure assessment) for any EMT or paramedic that opens and account. If you need more CE (and you probably do) purchase a 1 or 2 year subscription to earn unlimited CE.

By Greg

Elearning designer, writer, podcaster, blogger, presenter and paramedic. To relax I run and bike as far and as fast as I can. Also like to read a lot and fast.