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This was the first episode in an ongoing series at EMS Boot Camp, hosted by James Hoffman. The series is going to feature veteran Bronx Medic and educator Steven Kanarian. The series is entitled “Things You Should Know Partner”. It is extremely beneficial not only for the brand new street medic, but also for seasoned medics, as well as EMT’s. The theme of partners reverberated throughout the lecture with mentions of how partners may complement each other depending on talents, seniority, and/or clinical expertise.

In this first episode, time was allocated to the Management of Cardiac Arrest. Specifically, Steve addressed the importance of a team approach and the aspect of delegation. The most striking part in this section of the presentation was how he evoked the need to participate, through his personal experience, and how paramount it is to employ a human approach to dealing with family members in coping with the potential negative outcomes. Steve had fantastic words of encouragement that the EMS professional can take and apply in almost any death situation.

Gears shifted to discuss acronyms about difficult intubations and handling difficult airways. Moreover, Steve gave some great insight to some of the anatomical hallmarks within the upper airway. He also gave some excellent advice for those difficult cases that medics will encounter along with pictures to depict the presentation.

In a logical sequence, Waveform Capnography was explained in a comprehensive fashion. Steve also explained its importance in the prognosis of Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC) and in conditions other than Cardiac Arrest. Therefore, he mitigated the misconception that EtC02 is solely for monitoring the proper placement of advanced airways.

The last portion of the program was dedicated to the scheduled updates to the 2010 AHA CPR guidelines. Steve covered the major changes, like compressions (rates, recoil, etc.) and the paradigm shift of ABC to be CAB.

I would strongly recommend any new medic or seasoned medic join this program, in that it is an enjoyable and informative learning experience. Good advice was bequeathed on dealing with senior partners and how to acquire trust, learn skills and tricks that are extremely valuable. This along with key points on general interpersonal skills for all field EMS providers, offered an invaluable lesson.

Steve has left the agenda open for next month at and interested participants can contact him at to propose topics at or

Mark Albert Rph Pharm D Candidate is a Pharmacist who is a Pharmacy consultant in the EMS community and serves on NYC REMSCO., EMS Podcaster


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