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EMS Week 2012: 3 Lists of 3


It’s EMS Week. No better way to celebrate than 3 lists of 3.

EMS Week Recognition Items

1. Clothing – I am partial to a nice hoodie sweatshirt, preferably no zipper

2. Gadgets – a TRECK+, pen light, or pocket knife would be useful to any EMS professional

3. Food – how about a one pound bag of coffee beans from a local coffee roaster or a gourmet bag from JavaMedic.com


Participate in the Global EMS community

1. Update your Facebook profile

2. Comment on an EMS blog post or podcast about EMS Week


3. Submit a guest post … I am always seeking guest posts from actual EMS professionals

Feel Better During EMS Week

1. Stop doing something

2. Start doing something

3. Go some where you like