EMS Stroke Recognition and Management – Training from EMSBootCamp.com


Date : July 26th 2010
Time : 1400 (2:00PM) EST

Stroke. EMS Boot Camp will tackle this topic on a leading cause of death with guest speaker Michael Smith. Michael will discuss anatomy through tPA and target specific areas of EMS concern regarding stroke including:

  • Blood supply and artery anatomy
  • Specific types of CVA
  • EMS assessment and use of Cincinnati and LA stroke scales
  • Prehospital care from basic monitoring to potential medications
  • Stroke alerts, tPA and invasive retrieval
  • Stroke differentials

The best part of every EMS Boot Camp session is live question and answer with the guest speaker. Stroke is a vital topic. The content in this session is  sure to help you as a field provider and give you tools you can use right away. Sign up now for the free live session and take advantage of this one of a kind training resource.