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Contemplating Chickens

For several years I have been tossing out the idea of housing a small flock of chickens (3-4 hens). I am not sure when I first had the idea or what sparked the interest. It has been mostly talk, but after a recent trip to a local farm to scavenge some blackberry canes from an overgrown patch my interest piqued.

Reading about Chickens

I [amazon-product text=”Backyard Chickens for Beginners” type=”text”]B0084HOC50[/amazon-product] in the Kindle owners lending library. This e-book was a helpful introduction and gave me many things to consider about housing, feeding, and tending to a small flock of chickens. The author shared lots of additional resources and links.

I have also spent a lot of time on looking at coops and chicken tractors. I think a tractor, like this Mini-Coop, might make the most sense.

I also read [amazon-product text=”Coop” type=”text”]B0026772OC[/amazon-product] by Michael Perry (listen to an interview with Michael from the Medical Author Chat) this winter. Not much practical information about raising chickens but certainly some romanticism about living off the land.

(listen to an interview with Michael from the Medical Author Chat)

Do you raise chickens? What should I do to prepare? 

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