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App Review: CE Manager – track continuing education with iPhone App

This is a guest app review by critical care paramedic JD Graziano. If you want to guest post or review on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

CE Manger is an iPhone app for the EMS professional that allows the user to lose the worry of keeping track of any education that he or she may be involved in at anytime. No more “well sorry I lost your hours” or “I can’t remember how many hours or classes I had last month.” The CE Manager app will track and automatically organize and sort your hours based on classes, needs of recertification, and categories. CE Manger allows users to keep track of their instructors as well. Each category; license, calendar, completed, providers, and scheduled classes is customizable by the user.

CE Manager AppHow CE Manager Works

CE Manager displays all the information in a simple and easy to follow layout. Continuing education hours are displayed for the user to adjust and adapt to complete needed re-certifications. For example, for certifications like PHTLS and ACLS  the application shows you each task individually and gives you the ability to set times and dates for completion based on hours needed for the specific license or certification. CE Manager allows for customization at anytime. The continuing education hours entered into the app can be adjusted and moved to any one of the user created categories. The interface then provides for a seamless integration between the user and tasks that need to be organized.

Up and Running

Although I had some difficulties downloading and installing, CE Manager was a pleasure to use. If CE Manager could be connected to training organizations like the American Heart Association (AHA) or the NAEMT it would be great. This way the user would be able to create accounts with each certification provider so that any continuing education hours, when completed, could be automatically sent to the EMS professional. Another useful feature would integrate with the iPhone GPS and provide a list of classes and education providers within a certain distance of the clinicians iPhone.

CE Manager App Final thoughts on CE Manager

In a simple, but eloquent way the CE Manager app is a tool for helping keep your license stay up-to-date. This app puts the responsibility in the clinicians’ hands to keep their credentials current. It is nice to see a multi-dimensional tool for EMS professionals that is adaptable to the operator for the operator.

Find CE Manager on iTunes

Search the App store for CE Manager. It sells for US$0.99. The same App creator has also produced an App for tracking Nursing continuing education as well.

JD Graziano is a CCEMT-P currently working for Iowa County Ambulance Service, a rural service in Iowa County, IA. He has been in EMS for 8 years and also has a background in backcountry rescue, avalanche, and snow safety. Contact him on Twitter @ajdgrazinao or email

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