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App Review: Bump for Contact Sharing

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Bump App ScreenshotsOne of the things that I absolutely LOVE about my Motorola Droid is it’s ability to sync contact information with both my GMail and MS Exchange accounts. This is a huge win for me since I always found myself dialing the wrong phone numbers from my phone of people who have changed services or phone numbers even though I have the right number in my contact list. The one drawback of my computer based Contact lists though is that in order to add someone, I need to be in front of a computer. While this may not be a problem for some industries, how often in EMS do we actually have the computer right there with a working WiFi when we want to take down someone’s contact information? I’d venture to guess 1 out of 10 times if that.

Enter the Bump application. This application makes it easy to swap contact information with another person simply by fist bumping with your phones in hand.

First what you have to do is create or choose your Bump Contact File. This is the contact information that Bump will be sharing from you. There are a large number of fields to choose from and thankfully it allows you to add more than one entry per field. I mean really, who has just ONE e-mail address? You’re right… so unless you’re my mother, then you obviously have a need for more than just one field entry under e-mail addresses.

Bump App ScreenshotsOnce you create or choose the file, the next step is to choose what information you actually want to share. Maybe you just want to share e-mails and phone numbers, but not addresses. That’s totally fine, because Bump will allow you to select from the four categories of: My Phone, My E-mail, My Photo, and My Address. Just highlight which items you want to share, or simply select My Entire Contact Card which will share everything in your Contact File, and then find someone to Bump with!

So one you find someone to Bump with, the process is really simple:

  1. You need to make sure that the WiFi is enabled on your phone
  2. Open the application and it will say Connecting to Bump
  3. After a few seconds it will then say Ready to Bump
  4. Grip your phone firmly in your hand making a fist around it
  5. Fist bump the person you want to share information with
  6. The Bump application will bleep, notify you of a connection with the other phone, and ask you to confirm that you want to share information with this person
  7. Click Accept and the information they have shared is now added to your phone’s Contact List and vice-versa

Bump App ScreenshotsBeing able to easily swap contact information with someone is invaluable in not just brief down times we may find ourselves in with new and interesting people, but also at lectures and industry conferences to quickly build your professional network.
Best part of the Bump application? It is available for BOTH iPhone and Android users… and the application works the same cross-platform so an iPhone user and an Android user can swap information seamlessly.

Get Bump today and build your network!

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