Ambulance Inspection: Is one inspector enough?

It’s not too often that EMS makes it into the local news. In-depth, investigative reporting is more rare.

Inspecting Ambulances in Wisconsin is a 1 Man Job

Literally, 1 man inspects all of the ambulances in Wisconsin. Only as frequently as one man can. Honestly, I can’t imagine having his job. I could barely maintain sanity through a daily rig check, much less a monthly drug inventory and deep inspection of every last band-aid and triangle bandage.

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10 Years after Ambulance Crash that paralyzed EMT

It has been almost 10 years since an ambulance crash paralyzed EMT Matt Deicher of Mosinee, Wisconsin. This article, an excellent review of the incident and Matt’s ongoing advocacy for ambulance safety, is a poignant reminder of the importance of ambulance safety inspections, regular preventive maintenance, and the importance of seat belt use in the patient care compartment.

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