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Add to Your Favorites: 5 sites for Every EMT

The team at Everyday EMS Tips frequently visits our favorite EMS websites for news, resources, information, and community building. What would you add to this list?

1. asserts to be “The one EMS resource for paramedics and EMTs.” Their site lives up to that claim with a multitude of information. My favorite part of the site is the Top Stories for today’s date feature at the top and center of the page. The most up-to-date news and stories are listed in this column with headlines to preview the articles. Further down the page, sections listing EMS1 columnists and the Most Popular articles are highlighted. Both are valuable as they provide insight into what our peers are saying and reading about our profession.

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2. is the online home for EMS Magazine. It provides countless tips, articles and interviews about the emergency medical field. The site is updated often and contains timely information. I enjoy visiting, because not only do they provide technical information, such as what we should know about current medical events, but also include useful tips such as how to give an effective ambulance tour. Additionally, a wide variety of educated and experienced columnists give insight on current EMS trends throughout the country.

3. is packed full of current news and events, content from JEMS magazine, and exclusive information not found in JEMS magazine. The site is organized and easy to navigate. I appreciate the Top News Stories tab at the front and center of the home page, as my time for website browsing is limited. This allows a quick browse of the latest news, and as time allows, more in depth viewing of videos and columnists.

4. is a branch of WebMD. offers current, informative and easy to read medical information. It is intended for all types of medical professionals. I like how the articles are organized beginning with the author’s credentials, then follow with background and pathophysiology before listing symptoms and treatment. Emedicine is a terrific resource when researching a topic for an elearning program, CE article, or blog post as the information is readily accessible and reliable.

5., presented by, is a leading source for online interactive continuing education for emergency response personnel. The website is easy to navigate with all the information necessary for taking an online course presented in a large highlighted box at the top of the page. Additionally, the most popular courses are listed giving readers an idea of what topics are available for further study. My favorite feature on this site is the ability to click on the course titles and preview the course objectives to determine if the topic is one I would like to complete to receive 1.0 hours of CECBEMS approved continued education content.

6. Bonus: remember you can find all the top EMS websites at

By Dave Konig

Dave is an EMS provider based in New York City for over 20 years and has been blogging for over 10 years. He is experienced in all facets of EMS Service Management, Emergency Management, and specializes in Event Medical Services. He maintains a blog at, is an Columnist, and will be authoring on all things social (including Social Media) here at The Social Medic.