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A Crusade Against Stupid Heart Rhythms


Graphics artists and marketers for closely, loosely and totally unrelated to health care products are prone to drawing fanciful heart rhythms. I suspect many paramedics puzzle over what the illustrators had in mind for a jumble of zigs and zags that look nothing like a P-wave, QRS complex or T-Wave.

Earlier this week I made the stunning discovery that I wasn’t alone in my perplexity and ostracizing or stupid heart rhythms.

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“The Stupid Heart Rhythms project documents and spreads and awareness of the bad and wrong cardiac rhythms ubiquitous in modern day advertising. If you are using an EKG to shamelessly pimp your health related cause, you should at least take the time to do it right. Please put this blog out of business.”

My first submission

A graphic in the April 20, 2016 Stevens Point Journal accompanying a wonderful story of a child receiving an organ donation from a teacher. But why the confounding ECG???

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