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2 reasons to say NO to a soda machine

This is a guest post from a entering 5th grader on reasons his school should say no to a soda machine. Thanks for the guest post.

There are some things we could use and need here at school, but there are also some things we should not have. We should not have a soda machine in the cafeteria.

Soda is unhealthy
One reason we should not have a soda machine in the cafeteria is because soda is not healthy. Soda has lots of sugar so it makes kids jittery. It also has lots of calories and if we did not have physical education on that day we would not be able to burn the calories off. Soda also does not supply any of the vitamins our body needs.

Bring your own drink
Another reason why we should not have a soda machine in the cafeteria is because kids can bring drinks from home instead of buying soda. Parents can pack their kid with a drink like a bottle of water or a juice box.

Some parents don’t allow their kids to have soda and if we had a soda machine kids might sneak money to school and then buy soda. Kids can also buy milk in the lunch line which is healthier than soda.

A soda machine should not be in our cafeteria because soda is not healthy for you and kids can bring their own drinks or get milk at school. Tell your friends these reasons so they can make the right choice to not buy and drink soda at school.

By Greg

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