50 Miles of Running in One Week

by on March 20, 2011

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For the first time I completed 50 miles of running in one week. Keep in mind I didn’t just jump out of bed a week ago and decide I would run 50 miles. I am the midst of training for my 6th marathon – Green Bay in May. For the previous marathons I did either a 3 day or 4 day a week training plan. Both worked OK, but I wanted to try something different. My current training plan has me running 5 days a week. Four days on, rest/cross training day, long run, and rest day.

Week in Review

Monday – 5.25 miles, 7:47/mile

Tuesday – 10 miles, 7:55/mile

Wednesday – 5.2, 8:01/mile

Thursday – 10.25, 8:10/mile

Saturday – 20.05. 8:30/mile

Saturday I could definitely feel the heaviness in my legs. The week before included a 20 mile run so I essentially did two 20 mile runs in 8 days with 30 miles of running in between.

With about eight weeks until the marathon I am feeling good about my endurance and my running pace. Between now and race day my goals are to lose a couple more pounds, stay healthy, and increase my speed. I am projecting to run the marathon at an 8:00-8:15 per mile pace which will put me near or better than my PR, 3:33.

Are you in training?

What are you training for? Are you nearing your goals?

  • Timothy Clemans

    I'm in training to be good at talking with a wide range of people. I'm doing this for personal and professional reasons. Currently I'm focused on getting comfortable talking with women I don't know. By saying “Hi” to every woman I see I'm learning how to play the numbers game. Professionally I make lots of requests for data, meetings, and ride alongs. This say “Hi” to every woman exercise is helping me learn that I don't need a given individual to say “Hi” back because there's another one that will. And that's the same for all these professional requests. I used to get annoyed when a request is denied, but now I see that it doesn't matter if a given agency fulfills my request because another one will. I go to the Space Needle everyday, 28 days in a row so far. While there I try to take the photos of about 40 different groups of people with there camera. Not only is this teaching me the same lesson as the “Hi” exercise, but I'm getting to have some great conversations because of it. I had one conversation yesterday after taking a lady's photo with her mom lasting about five minutes before I moved on. It was probably one of the best conversations I've had. It wasn't the same stupid type conversation I usually have and it was just really fun.Ultimately this training will give me the experience needed to effectively bring a wide range of people together to meet a common goal. And it will help lead to better personal life as well.

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