Video: Dublin Ireland Fire Brigade and its EMS Functions


In this video, officers from the Dublin Ireland Fire Brigade give a nice slide show about the Brigade and the services it provides for the citizens and visitors of Dublin. It appears that this is a lecture for interested citizens. You can begin watching below … or fast forward to about 17:30.

WHAT, did he just say!?!

I was casually watching/listening to the video until an officer discussing vehicle extrication made this stunning statement, “We stabilize the vehicle …. to stop any movement of the car … because if someone has a possible spinal injury as a result of a traffic injury greater than 1 mm of inappropriate movement could cause them to be paralyzed.” 

It is both reassuring and horrifying that our colleagues across the Atlantic perpetuate myths about movement of a patient with a possible spinal injury becoming paralyzed from the movement of extrication and packaging.

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