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Using Game Software to Teach: Incident Management Challenge


Test your Incident Management knowledge and response capabilities.

I wrote the quiz questions that were uploaded into the C3Softworks game Bravo. Games are an interesting tool for teaching. When using a software program for teaching follow these Everyday EMS Tips:

1. Learning objectives are always important. Begin the process with an understanding of what you want to accomplish.

2. Focus on meaningful content. Pre-question slides can be used to prep students for the question and teach content. Summary slides, after the question, can reinforce key points, resolve disputes about the choices, or encourage additional exploration.

3. Games can be used in the classroom and online. A classroom game, with audience response pads, can engage the students in the content much differently than a lecture. Online games, delivered asynchronously, are available when students are available.

How do you like to use software for teaching?